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With our Astrokartography Reading you will learn where in the world the stars are best for you and where you can find your true destiny.

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Whether it’s for a trip or a move, use astrocartography and astrology of places to find out where your happy places are in the world.

The place where we are indisputably has an influence on how we feel and even on, 
whether or not we succeed in certain areas of life, like love, relationship, career or wealth….


this place, WHERE

… I can optimally advance my career and build wealth for myself?

… my relationships blossom and I might even meet my dream partner?

… I immediately feel at home. As if I had finally arrived?

… I can grow spiritually the most?

Astrocartography is like a magic compass, which can lead you to the right place at the right time.

WHAT IS Astrocartography?

Astrocartography is like a magic compass, skillfully directing you toward places where happiness, success, and the life of your dreams await.

In this intricate process, your birth chart is thoughtfully superimposed onto a world map, taking shape as distinct lines that stretch across the globe. Each line, bearing the influence of a planetary placement within one of the four astrological angles (AC, DC, MC, IC), holds the potential to exert a unique impact on your experiences, ranging from profoundly positive to potentially challenging.

Through this captivating tool, we gain the ability to pinpoint precisely where these transformative places lie, beckoning you to live the life you’ve always dreamt of.


HELPS US TO  determine,…

where the best places are to advance your career and increase your wealth.
where you attract your dream partner and improve your relationships.
where the places for rooting down and finding your soul's home is.
where the greatest spiritual growth awaits you.

astrokartography reading by ramona

Hey, my name is


“I need to get out of here,” shot through my mind. I didn’t know where to, but the clarity that I wasn’t in the right place at that moment penetrated my consciousness with such intensity that I could no longer ignore it.

The feeling of being in the wrong place can be overwhelming. I understand you. Because this deep longing to find a place where I not only truly feel at home but where my endeavors are cosmically favored has accompanied me for years.

For a long period in my life, I felt totally lost and yearned for a place I could call home. Somewhere, it had to exist…

Then, astrokartography came into my life, and I immediately knew: therein lay the key. It has personally helped me tremendously and positively transformed my life, particularly in terms of travel and personal growth in many ways.

The people who come to me feel just as lost and estranged. Some are just curious. They all share one thing in common: stories of how astrokartography has filled their lives with magic and wonders.

I am excited to accompany you on your journey in search of a place that is not just a home but a place where your soul can flourish.


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Ramona has designed the astrocartography reading with so much love, I literally swallowed it. It is written super understandable and I had some "wow" moments. Especially Rooting Down resonated with me so much that I would love to travel to these places. I can recommend it to anyone who is curious about their places and would like to try something new. Thank you so much Ramona!
Thank you for your nice & quick analysis. I recommend you with pleasure! 🥰 Keep up the good work!
Dear Ramona, many, many thanks for your explanations, that helped me so much! How great also with the places in Europe! Thank you, I am very happy 🙂


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Thank you again for the great reading. It still works and provides many new approaches. Find myself very often again, a very nice confirmation.
Dear Ramona, that was very nicely explained and makes it much more tangible for me now, thank you! Insanely exciting, what is possible there.
Thank you very much Ramona, That is really interesting. India has definitely always been on my wish list...And you are a sweetheart, thank you so much for your bonus😍😍
The astrocartography report is super exciting. The places that are in it actually have a great meaning for me and at some was in unconsciously several times and there actually developments have taken place. Thank you for this new tool and the awareness of it.


Depending on which reading you choose, you will receive a personalized PDF with detailed insights and descriptions on the desired topic or life area. For each area of life you will receive about three locations with a detailed analysis of each location.
Please fill out the form after the purchase. Here I ask for your birth data (place, time, date). After that I can start with the analysis and the reading of your astrocartography chart. You will receive the reading within 72 hours.
Depending on the order situation it can take up to 72 hours before you receive your reading, because I have to evaluate your birth chart and the astrological chart for you. Should it come to longer waiting times, you will of course be informed.

You can choose to have your reading on any of the following topics….

  • 1. career & wealth
  • 2. love & relationships
  • 3. rooting down / soul home
  • 4. spiritual growth

Or you can treat yourself directly to the full load, the Full Relocation Reading and get in addition to the above:
BONUS 1: The biggest challenges – places you should rather avoid
BONUS 2: Background on your travel behavior and the reasons why you travel or relocate.

Currently there are only PDF  readings available.

Unfortunately, no. For the reading I need your exact time of birth.

I’m also happy to offer a discounted partner/family reading and see where the best place is for both/all of you.

Unfortunately no. I create the reading for you personally and put a lot of time and energy into it. Therefore, I can not offer a return.

Of course. Again, of course, you need the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.

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