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With our astrocartography report, you'll get an overview of your positive lines/best places for various areas of life. Discover which places best suit your life and energy, and optimally support your aspirations and goals.

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Our astrocartography reports offer detailed insights into your personal places and their cosmic influences. Covering areas from career and wealth to love and relationships, as well as finding your soul’s home and spiritual growth, our reports highlight locations that favor these aspects.

In addition to the main topics, you will also receive bonus content that helps you understand the greatest challenges on your journey, as well as background information on your travel behavior and underlying motives.

Each report is a catalyst to discover the magic of astrocartography and enrich your life journey.



Customer Love

Thank you again for the wonderful reading. It’s still resonating with me and providing many new perspectives. I often find myself reflected in it, a very beautiful confirmation.
Thank you for your kind and quick analysis. I’ll gladly recommend you! 🥰 Keep up the great work!
Dear Ramona, Thank you so much for your explanations; they have been incredibly helpful! It's wonderful to see the information about the places in Europe too! Thanks, I am very happy 🙂

The stars show us the way, and astrokartography reveals the locations to achieve our goals and find our happiness.

WHAT IS Astrokartography?

Astrocartography is like a magical compass that guides you to places where you will be happy and successful, enabling you to live at its best.

Project your birth chart onto the world map and discover where the universe draws you. Explore the network of astrological lines that span the globe. Each line represents a planet in one of the 4 astrological angles (AC, DC, MC, IC). Places traversed by these lines have a specific effect on you, which can be positive or negative. 

With this fascinating tool, we can identify the locations where you can live the life of your dreams.


HELPS US TO determine

where the best places are to advance your career and increase your wealth.
where it's likely to attract your dream partner and improve your relationships.
where the places for rooting down are and how you find your soul's true home.
where the greatest spiritual growth & transformations await you.


Depending on which reading you choose, you will receive a personalized PDF with detailed insights and descriptions on the desired topic or life area. For each area of life you will receive about three locations with a detailed analysis of each location.
Please fill out the form after the purchase. Here I ask for your birth data (place, time, date). After that I can start with the analysis and the reading of your astrocartography chart. You will receive the reading within 72 hours.
Depending on the order situation it can take up to 72 hours before you receive your reading, because I have to evaluate your birth chart and the astrological chart for you. Should it come to longer waiting times, you will of course be informed.

You can choose to have your reading on any of the following topics….

  • 1. career & wealth
  • 2. love & relationships
  • 3. rooting down / soul home
  • 4. spiritual growth

Or you can treat yourself directly to the full load, the Full Relocation Reading and get in addition to the above:
BONUS 1: The biggest challenges – places you should rather avoid
BONUS 2: Background on your travel behavior and the reasons why you travel or relocate.

Currently there are only PDF  readings available.

Unfortunately, no. For the reading I need your exact time of birth.

I’m also happy to offer a discounted partner/family reading and see where the best place is for both/all of you.

Unfortunately no. I create the reading for you personally and put a lot of time and energy into it. Therefore, I can not offer a return.

Of course. Again, of course, you need the date of birth, time of birth and place of birth.

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Book your astrokartography reading now and discover where in the world you can find the best opportunities for love, career, and happiness.