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Astrokartography Consultation

You dream of a place where you truly feel at home and can best realize your plans with the support of the stars. In a personal astrocartography consultation, we explore the energetic potentials of various locations and find your ideal environment. Let’s find the path to your personal heart’s place together.

DISCOVER YOUR magical places

Our lives are shaped by the places we inhabit. If you often feel restless and disconnected, it can be challenging to lead a fulfilled and happy life and achieve your professional and personal goals.

Astrocartography consulting offers you the chance to unravel the invisible threads and align your life with cosmic forces. Instead of continuing to feel lost and disconnected, you can find the place that fulfills your innermost desires and gives you a sense of belonging.

In a personal astrocartography session, I analyze aspects of your birth chart to understand the cosmic influences that draw you to specific places. I create your astrocartography map, which shows where you can experience great success, happiness, or love.

Together, we explore your desires and needs to find the perfect environment for your growth and fulfillment. Once you have narrowed your choices to 2 or 3 locations, you will receive a follow-up Relocation Chart Analysis to help you make the best decision.

Astrocartography consulting is tailored to your unique needs. I take the time to understand you and your journey to provide you with the best possible support.

Ready to discover your soul place? Let’s embark on the journey together! Click the button below now and start your expedition to a life full of magic and fulfillment.

In your personal 1-on-1 Astrokartography Consultaion

YOU WILL  discover :

ABLAUF DER 1-zu-1  Astrokartografie BERATUNG

Book your consultation

You can book your personal 1-on-1 consultation through the webshop. Afterwards, you will receive an email with a link to a form. Please have your date of birth, the exact time of birth, and the place of your birth ready.


In the form, also please specify what currently has priority in your life (love, career, home, etc.) or what area you would like to focus on in your current situation and what is generally important to you. The clearer you are, the more precisely we can determine the places for you.


Schedule an appointment using my calendar tool. I currently need about 1 week to prepare and extract the important information from your birth chart.


You will receive your Full Relocation Report in advance. This provides an overview of generally good lines and offers initial inspirations and points of reference. In the session, we will delve deeper together and consider additional aspects.


It's best to let everything sink in first and take time to process the information. If you then decide on a place or are torn between several options, I would be happy to create a special Relocation Chart afterward, so you know exactly what to expect after moving there.

Relocation Chart

Am besten lässt du alles erstmal auf dich wirken und nimmst dir Zeit, die Informationen zu verarbeiten. Wenn du dich dann für einen Ort entscheiden hast oder zwischen mehreren Optionen hin- und hergerissen sein, erstelle ich gerne im Nachgang ein spezielles Relocation Chart, damit du genau weißt, was dich nach einem Umzug dort erwartet.

In my meetings, I kept hearing: "You look so radiant, you have such a glow."
"Of course," I thought, "I am on my Sun line."

YOUR 1-on-1 Astrokartography 

Dive into the fascinating world of astrocartography and decode your cosmic world map to harness universal energies and enrich your life journey.

You will receive :

  • Detailed analysis of relevant aspects in your birth chart
  • Consideration of personal preferences and requirements
  • Determination of the best places according to your goals and aspirations
  • 60-minute 1-on-1 session via Zoom
  • Your relocation chart for 1-2 locations

US$249 without Full Relocation Report / US$299 including Full Relocation Report
(Prices incl. VAT)

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"Thank you so much, Ramona, for your loving attention and great effort. As an indecisive globetrotter, my soul has visited several places. Thanks to the reading, I can now understand why some places feel different from others and can align my future travels accordingly. You have a wonderful and loving way of conveying the subject, and your own dedication and passion for astrocartography are so palpable."
"Dear Ramona, that was very well explained and makes it much more tangible for me, thank you! It's incredibly exciting to see what all is possible."
The astrocartography consultation has enriched my life in ways I never thought possible. Through the insightful guidance and loving direction, I have not only found my soul’s place but also discovered a deeper connection to myself. I highly recommend it to anyone seeking clarity and inner harmony.
Astrocartography Reading by Ramona Beyer

Mein Name ist


“I need to get out of here,” shot through my mind. I didn’t know where to, but the clarity that I wasn’t in the right place at that moment penetrated my consciousness with such intensity that I could no longer ignore it.

The feeling of being in the wrong place can be overwhelming. I understand you. I’ve been there. I’ve felt that deep longing to find a place where I not only truly belong but where my endeavors are also cosmically favored, a feeling that has accompanied me for years.

For a long period in my life, I felt totally lost and yearned for a place I could call home. Somewhere, it had to exist…

Then astrokartography came into my life, and I knew immediately: this is the key. Astrokartography has personally helped me a lot and has positively changed my life, especially regarding travel and my personal growth in many ways.

People who come to me feel just as lost, even alienated. Some are simply curious. They all share one thing: stories of how astrokartography has filled their lives with magic and wonders.

I look forward to accompanying you on your journey in search of a place that is not just a home but a place where your soul can truly flourish.


Yes. I will record the session and send it to you afterwards. 

Unfortunatly no. The birth time is absolutely necessary for a precise analysis.

Unfortunately, no. I create the reading personally for you and put a lot of time and energy into it. Therefore, I cannot offer a refund.
Yes, you can definitely gift the reading. Of course, you will still need the recipient’s date of birth, time of birth, and place of birth.


Book your personal astrocartography consultation now and find out where in the world your soul can flourish.