Individual – Astrocartography Reading


10 page PDF | Your 3 best places for your individual project

You want to realize something specific and are looking for the best place to do it?

This astrocartography reading tells you where it is.

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You have a specific project and are looking for a place that is favorable for it?

Describe your project to me and we will find the best place for it with the help of astro cartography!

You get:

🌟 A 10-page personalized PDF with detailed insights and descriptions
🌟 About three locations with a detailed analysis of each location
🌟 An individual analysis of your personal astro chart – map in conjunction with your natal chart to determine the best places for your plans.
🌟 The reading will be send out via email within approx. 72 hours

For that I need:

  • your date of birth
  • the exact time of birth
  • your place of birth

(only buy if you know this data)


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